Home Staging and Styling Services in Perth

StyleCounsel offers personalised home staging and styling services in Perth to individuals, property developers, investors and new home builders looking to transform their properties into ‘must have” homes. As each situation is unique, we can then tailor our work to your individual requirements and offer a number of options:


The way we live in our home is often very different to how the same home should be presented for sale. A walk through your property gives StyleCounsel stylists the opportunity to assess your home through the eyes of a potential buyer. During this walk through we will advise and offer suggestions on how to present your home for sale.  We will advise on how to highlight it’s positive features, downplay the less attractive aspects, and create instant appeal to your audience from the moment they walk through the door.


StyleCounsel offers a comprehensive room-by-room written brief to act as a guide for you to prepare your own home for sale. This will include:

  • Identifying the property’s best features
  • De-cluttering suggestions
  • Neutralizing the décor to give a broader appeal
  • Furniture Placement
  • Painting and minor repairs
  • Gardening and exterior improvements

This is a great option for homeowners who want the look of a home staged property for a minimal investment and are willing to do the work themselves but need expert advice.

Price from $125 per hour + GST


StyleCounsel can project manage the home staging and styling of your home to include:

Cleaning and De-cluttering

As many people cannot see past the inevitable clutter we accumulate over time, it is essential to ensure that this “clutter” doesn’t prevent a buyer from seeing the true potential of your home. De-cluttering always opens up space and ensures that the buyer sees only the positive features. De-cluttering does not necessarily mean “throwing out” but simply “packing away”. We can offer unbiased advice on what should stay and what should go, and can arrange temporary storage as required.

A spotless, tidy house suggests a well cared for home. StyleCounsel can organize professional cleaners to do the work for you.

Internal and external repairs

StyleCounsel can offer and organize simple and usually inexpensive repairs to make your house a “ready to move into” home avoiding unnecessary price reductions.

Color consultation and redecoration

We all like our favourite colours as these reflect our personalities, but potential buyers often cannot see past your decor to envisage how they might live in your home. Our stylists follow current colour trends and will create the perfect colour palette to enhance your home. We aim to create a natural flow between rooms using a balance of colour, texture and style. StyleCounsel can organise professional painters and decorators to carry out this work.

Exterior presentation and curb appeal

“First impressions count” – Many buyers will drive past the house before going in. It is essential to ensure that your home has that all important “curb appeal”. StyleCounsel can arrange cost effective solutions to transform the entrance of your property to ensure you don’t lose that all important buyer.

Furniture Placement

Correct furniture placement is crucial to opening up space and light within a room. It is amazing how something as simple as “re-arranging the furniture” can completely transform a space. Depending on your budget StyleCounsel can hire or purchase furniture and accessories to enhance, refresh and restyle your home.


StyleCounsel offers builders and developers a complete design package for display homes and apartments.

We can work with you from the development stage, advising on paint choices, tiles, floor coverings and light fittings through to the final furnishing and styling to capture the interest and imagination of your buyers.

We pride ourselves on understanding the target market and delivery a unique design for your property.


StyleCounsel styles new homes and empty properties.

We recognise that every property is individual, we assess each property on it’s merits and style them to appeal to the broadest possible market.

We look at the style, the age, the area, the demographic and work with the owners to ensure that each property is individual in the way it is presented.


If you have just moved in or about to move into  your new home StyleCounsel offers advice and assistance on interior design, colour choices, furniture and accessory selection.