Home Staging

What is it and why does it work?

Home staging, also known as property styling or presentation,  is the art of  preparing a property for sale.  It is all about allowing buyers to appreciate the property’s full potential.  By creating brighter, warmer, more appealing spaces they will be able to imagine how they might live there.

Home staging – First impressions count!

Most people know within 15 seconds of entering if a house could become their home.  Home staging is a proven means of ensuring those first impressions really do count. The decision to purchase a home is an emotional one, and when first impressions are favorable the buyer is much more likely to “seal the deal”.

According to research, 90% of buyers now search on-line first, so before having those professional photographs taken it is important to present your home to give maximum appeal to your target market.   Beautifully staged rooms will instantly create interest and stand out from the competition encouraging more potential buyers to walk through the front door.

Home staging achieves higher rates of return!

Statistics show that a well staged home will sell 30% to 50% quicker than a non-staged home and will achieve a higher rate of return.    A 2007 survey concluded that for every $100 spent on home staging a return on investment of 343% was achieved.  So a small outlay prior to putting your home on the market can reap much higher rewards later and get you that all important top dollar for your property.    A well staged home can generate more interest,  achieve a higher price and settle faster.

Home staging is a worthwhile investment!

Ultimately home staging is about connecting the buyer with a property and a lifestyle they dream about.