Use of plants and art together

Plants – not only for property styling but reasons why every home should have them

One of the latest accessories that we use when property styling and a ‘must-have’ in your newly decorated or styled room, is the humble house plant. Plants have become an integral part of any interior, particularly now that ‘fake’ plants have become so realistic and totally acceptable.

If you haven’t considered using plants internally, then apart from the obvious reasons such as adding ‘calm’ and therefore reducing stress, here are a few reasons why you should:
1. They soften spaces, especially in rooms where there are lots of angles.
2. They fill ‘awkward’ spaces.
3. They add life and character.
4. They add colour where colour is otherwise lacking.
5. They bring the outside in, and visually connect with outdoor spaces.
6. They add nature in unexpected places.
AND, if you use them alongside nature-inspired artwork, cushions or even wallpaper, you can really make a statement! Be inspired…
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