Art for arts sake – An essential when Styling a property

Art in all its’ forms can be comforting, stimulating, intriguing, mesmerising, puzzling and take us through many other emotions, but when it comes to ‘styling’ and making a space feel interesting and homely, and above all, cohesive – it is an absolute MUST!

Photographs without eye-popping art often appear dull and incomplete, especially if the spaces are sparsely furnished and minimalist.  Furniture, walls and floors can be neutral – and indeed should be when selling a property – but the addition of strong accessories, particularly the artwork, can be transforming.

Happily, these days art is no longer a luxury item only for those with disposable income, and we are often asked where to source affordable art. So, depending on what you are looking for, whether it is ‘eye-popping’, landscape, photographic, whatever your tastes, check out these sources, you can’t fail to find something you like and can afford:

Online:  The Home, Temple & Webster,, United Interiors

In store: Gallery 360, Living Emporium, Fantastic Furniture,

Emerging artist: The Design Files – Rafaella McDonald