From a client’s perspective

PlayroomMy house sold the first day it was open, even before a sign went up.

It cost me a lot of money to prepare the house for sale, but the best money I outlaid was that that I spent with Lynne and Jill, to give the house soul.

At our first meeting, I liked the girls enormously. They were lovely, professional and personable. They made a great presentation to get my business. However, all my friends and advisors said not to style, it was too much money on top of the new carpets, tiles, gardens and paint. So I decided to save my money and present the place empty. The girls were a bit disappointed, but genuinely empathetic.

I live in Melbourne, but my house is in Vic Park. So I organised the trades, cleared out the whole house and prepared to leave the sale in the very capable hands of my friend Helen, at Letz Get Organised, and my chosen agent.

Back in Melbourne, I kept track of the changes with photos. The trades did wonderful work, transforming the place, and mostly they stuck to a busy schedule, working around each other under Helen’s fabulous co-ordination.

But I could see it lacked soul.

So just a few days before the opening I rang StyleCounsel and the girls were terrific. Of course they could help, despite the time limitations. And boy, did they help!

The thing about styling is it gives a house a heart.

I knew it was a problem that my house had four bedrooms, but only one (huge open-plan) living area. So I asked Jill and Lynne to style the fourth bedroom as a kids’ retreat. They did it perfectly, right down to a toy guitar.

In the rooms I asked them to style, their pieces were modern, chic, streamlined and thoughtful. And the accessories made the big difference.

They followed my requests perfectly and chose an ideal color scheme.

Fast forward to the home open. The 15 groups through were very positive about the appearance, three of them put in offers, and I took the offer I wanted.

And what of those friends and advisors who said not to style? Well, they agree with me now too.