Things that make a difference ………….


When it comes to making a house ‘a home’ the things that make a difference are, without a doubt, the accessories…the cushions, the pictures, the rugs, the ornaments and things you have collected over the years. Things that instantly tell a stranger to your home something about you – what colours you like, how you like to live, where your travels have taken you – all of these things and more will paint a picture of who you are.

And we are all different (thank goodness), some of us strive to be bland and neutral so that we blend in, others need to be ‘out there’ in every possible sense so that we lead the way, and then there are the ‘inbetweeners’, we don’t really want to ‘rock the boat’ but admire those who do.  Regardless of who you are I think most of us will agree that it’s probably much more fun being ‘out there’.

It’s no different when ‘home –staging’…the accessories are the things that pull a house together, make it feel complete and create ‘flow and harmony’, but a few little ‘out there’ things will also add interest and detail, hopefully making this house just that bit better than the next. There is one fundamental difference however, in a ‘home’ the accessories tell the visitor WHO lives there, in a ‘staged’ home, the accessories catch the attention of the buyer and make them WANT to live there. Either way accessories are important and can make a huge difference.

For those among you who do want to be a little different and ‘out there’ check out the furniture and homewares on my favourite website, these just have to be some of the best ‘out there’ accessories around……………….