Home Staging Tip 3 – Let there be light!



When home staging and preparing your house for sale, it is so important to think about lighting.


There is nothing more depressing than walking into a dark home – and of course, it is so easy to fix.   Firstly, throw open those curtains and blinds and wash those windows and let the natural light flood in.     This will instantly give the house a fresh, airy feel.

But as much as we all love natural light, the use of artificial lighting can enhance both the interior and exterior of your home.

The use of overhead lights, floor and table lamps, recessed and task lighting can create different effects.   They can highlight, accent, define and alter the ambiance and mood of a room.     For example, wall sconces and up-lighters will visually raise ceilings and make rooms appear bigger, whilst down-lighters and lamps create warmer, cosier more intimate spaces.    By creating visual interest, feature or accent lighting can add drama to a room, and decorative lighting, in the form of chandeliers and candelabras, adds not only interest, but is also visually appealing, statement-making, and can even add an air of mystery!

There are a wonderful array of lights and lamps available on the market, but don’t forget about warm and cool lighting, using the correct globe wattage, and how dimmers can also be used to great effect.

Careful lighting selections will always maximise your homes’ attributes and minimise its imperfections, so always consider the role of lighting when home staging and presenting your home for sale.