Home Styling Tip 2 – Scent of a home……

Home staging and the use of candles and diffusers to entice potential buyers

When considering home staging and styling your home for sale, one of the cheapest, easiest and most enjoyable ways of making a home more inviting is by simply adding an enticing aroma, noticeable as soon as the visitor enters the house.

Many years ago in a former life, my husband and I were looking for a new home in an unknown village nearly 200 miles from where we were living at the time.  After a weekend of searching with not even a glimmer of interest in any one of the two dozen or so properties we viewed, the very last house on our list of possibles proved to be just as uninteresting as all the others, from the outside at least.

Our appointment to view the house was at 11.30am on a Sunday morning, we pulled up outside at 11.25am, looked at the house, looked at each other and said ‘No’!  And nearly drove away.  Only conscience made me force my husband to keep the appointment, so we parked and knocked on the door, with some trepidation I might add.

As soon as we entered the intoxicating scent of freshly ground percolated coffee mixed with the earthy, woody scent of an open log fire made us want to linger and know more, and thank goodness we did, within 5 minutes of entering we both knew that this was the house for us.  It had virtually no street appeal but behind that front door was a warm, cosy and inviting home – a home that provided many happy memories for many years, and a home that still fills me with nostalgia and a sense of longing.

Log fires, coffee brewing, bread baking – these were the aromas used in the past to entice the potential buyer to make that all important offer.  Today we are a little more sophisticated, well most of us are, and creating that welcoming aroma now simply involves the purchase of our favourite fragrance in candle, diffuser or maybe ‘mood’ spray form.  So follow our home staging tip and add visual as well as aromatic interest to your home  when preparing it for sale.

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